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If you are looking for a well-regulated and safe Exchange Business with optimal trading conditions, Exchange business services limited is. With our quality services, we have become an established player in the massive Exchange Business and Crypto Investment and we have been able to earn the trust of thousands of traders all over the world. Whether you want to change your Exchange Business or you just want to choose a new one, Exchange business services limited Ltd is the perfect choice that will partner with you to achieve your trading goals. Start trading with Exchange business services limited!

To provide our clients the best products and services with superior craftsmanship at competitive prices. To create clients who will in turn create more clients.

To be the most admired investment company in our territory. And to diversify into as many sector as we can, with an aim to change the world's business sphere for good.

We are always very serious about how we relate with and deal with our clients. When it comes to delivering on our words and relating to clients, we take no half measures

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Exchange business services limited has been giving best consultation to top Finance companies since 2015


This is a fast-growing opportunity which aims at helping you securely grow your Bitcoins instead of leaving it in your wallet where it will do nothing.

When you have completed your registration with Exchange business services limited, you can join with a minimum of US$200 worth of Bitcoin, which will go into a trading pool. From there it is traded on your behalf, so no trading knowledge is required from you at all. 24 hours, trades are opened days, and you will receive a daily trading profit directly into your EBS LTD trading dashboard.

Our historic results show an average daily profit of 1.3%, however, historic results are purely indicative of the past trading results so there are no guarantees of future results.

Once your Bitcoin is received in your Exchange business services limited account, your Bitcoin forms part of the total trading pool. Then you can sit back, relax and watch your Bitcoin grow daily.

EBS LTD offers an optional referral program where the company rewards members for marketing the opportunity. Should you wish choose to refer anyone to EBS LTD, you will receive a 10% referral commission.

Now if you would like to build a team, you can earn additional bonuses from the company. Based on the traditional binary system, you will need to refer at least two people, one on the left and one on the right. To qualify for the weekly binary bonus which will need to have a minimum of US$200 worth of Bitcoin in your own trading pool, and have the two referrals. As soon as these criteria are in place, you will start earning the binary bonuses.

Binary bonuses are paid on the volume invested in your weakest leg. It doesn’t rely on the number of people, but rather how much Bitcoin each member has in the trading pool. For example, the left leg may have two people who have US$3000 worth of Bitcoin each, but the right leg has 7 people who have US$1000 worth of Bitcoin each, therefore the right leg in this case is the weakest leg and you will be paid your Binary bonus accordingly.

Now imagine as your team grows, and the amount of Bitcoin in each leg increases…so too will your weekly Binary Bonus increase.

Please remember that Exchange business services limited Investment Limited is a registered company, and, like any business, the more you invest the more bonuses you get for the week. The trading profits are divided among the members, company, expert traders, the binary and leadership bonuses.

This is a real opportunity and it is already starting to change lives. Every day we hear how people are now able to pay all their monthly expenses on time, pay school fees, pay for vacations, make purchases they have only dreamed of before, book holidays, etc. Withdrawal requests are processed within 24hours, so long as it is not over a weekend however, withdrawals done over a weekend could take a little longer (48hrs)

You too can start benefiting from this marvellous opportunity. Remember, your trading pool balance will fluctuate with the changing in Bitcoin price, but your Bitcoin WILL be growing, and when the price of Bitcoin rises, you will be perfectly placed to take full advantage thereof.

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